Friends of 3x1
MADE HERE: Carlo Mirarchi


Carlo Mirarchi, head chef and owner of Roberta’s and Blanca, is no stranger to 3×1. Carlo and Scott go way back, so we’ve been admiring his craft for years. We take the artistry of building a perfect jean very seriously, … Continue reading

Festival season is here


Whether is SXSW, Coachella, or Lollapalooza, be prepared for festival season with our favorite picks from the SS15 collection.      

Böle x 3×1


We’re ecstatic to announce that 3×1 is now the sole U.S. retailer to carry Böle, a Swedish tannery that produces exceptional leather goods using artisanal, authentic tanning methods.   The Prince Rucksack   “I was born into a tradition and … Continue reading

Inspired By: Jane Birkin


In honor of International Women's Day, here's one of our favorite female denim icons – Jane Birkin. Although, we like to celebrate her and other badass women every day of the year!    What Would Jane Birkin Wear? The Super … Continue reading

Inspired by: Indigo Dying


  Indigo: The Color That Changed the World by Catherine Legrand is a book that dives into the different indigo dyeing techniques used throughout the world. It features the most beautiful photographs and samples of indigo textiles from America, China, India, … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
Cara Santana in 3×1


We love this photo of actress and blogger Cara Santana in our brand new fit, The W4 Super High-Rise Jean in Carlton. Check out Cara's blog for fashion and beauty inspiration.   SHOP THE W4 SUPER HIGH-RISE JEAN IN CARLTON

Friends of 3x1
Brandi Cyrus in 3×1

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.56.44 PM

Our new friend, Brandi Cyrus, wearing The W2 Mid-Rise Skinny Jean in Black Shredder. Brandi is VJ, musician, designer, equestrian, and editor of Style Native.    SHOP THE W2 IN BLACK SHREDDER          

The Purist
XX489 from Collect


Searching for the best cotton in all of America? Look no further because Memphis, Tennessee has got you covered. The ideal temperature, humidty, and soil type are just a few factors contributing to the damn near perfect cotton-growing conditions in Memphis. It … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
NBA All-Star Week: Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh

Team: Miami Heat Position: Power Forward/Center All-Star Team: Eastern Conference At 6’11”, Chris Bosh is the tallest All-star player in 3×1 jeans. We appreciate the classic approach that Bosh takes when it comes to his denim. It’s not uncommon for … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
NBA All-Star Week: Kevin Durant


KEVIN DURANT Team: Oklahoma City Thunder Position: Power Forward/Small Forward All-Star Team: Western Conference   According to, Kevin Durant “loves to play video games (NBA Live and March Madness) and shop for clothes,” so it’s no surprise that Durant … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
Lisa Dengler


Lisa Dengler is the lady behind the beautifully curated blog, Just Another. Her style is fresh and minimal – lots of clean, neutral-colored pieces with the perfect shoe, always. She manages to capture each outfit in a way unique from other blogs, … Continue reading

The Purist
Unique Fade From xx146


Our Bespoke Specialist, Ben, bought these jeans raw. They're made from xx146, which is a 13oz. green cast denim. After 2.5 years of wear, here's how they've faded. A unique fade is worth the wait.

The Purist


We were all very excited when this denim arrived at 15 Mercer. It's the first time in 3×1's history that we've carried a Zimbabwe cotton selvedge denim. Zimbabwe cotton is regarded as the best cotton to weave into denim. The cotton is harvested … Continue reading

The Purist
Scott’s Favorite: XX60


It's pretty difficult for any of us at 3×1 to choose a favorite denim. I assumed that choice would be even more difficult for our founder, Scott, whose entire career has centered around denim. During one of my first meetings with him, I was … Continue reading

The Purist
Brothers From Amhot | XX399 & XX400


Sometimes two fabrics appear to be the same, and the only way to tell the difference is in the subtle details. This holds true for our featured "brothers" today. Although they look like twins, each fabic has it's own unique personality. Coming to … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
Sabrina Meijer | afterDRK


  Sabrina Meijer is the founder of one of our favorite blogs, afterDRK. The success of the blog has undoubetldy stemmed from her own cool aesthetic and eye for minimal design. The site is simple and crisp, displaying quality photos and thoughtful … Continue reading

3×1 x J.Crew


  We sat down with J.Crew six months ago to talk denim. We're now approaching fall, and beyond excited to annouce our collaboration with one of the smartest brands out there. The collab should come as no surprise since 3×1 … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
Marcus Paul

Marcus Paul

I'll never forget the first time I saw Marcus in the shop. Not just because he was tall, cool, handsome, and had great style; no, it was probably more due to the fact that the guy standing next to him … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
Tony Parker


It was almost 3 years ago to the day, when Tony Parker walked into our shop. He was one of our first bespoke clients, along with his two brothers, and they were on their way to Paris to get ready … Continue reading

Friends of 3x1
Matt Kliegman


Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to a guy who would later partner up with a great friend of mine, Carlos Quirarte, to start the iconic neighborhood restaurant and coffee shop known as The Smile. In that decade, Matt … Continue reading

Scott's POV
Summer Inspiration


It's Summer and all I can think about is indigo. Variation, shade, color, and caste—it's all around me! We're in the process of putting our finishing touches on Women's S/S '15, so here are a few of my inspirations for … Continue reading