3×1 Welcomes Master & Dynamic to 15 Mercer


It's no secret that at 3x1 we're suckers for high quality materials and impeccable attention to detail - that's why we instantly became fans of Master & Dynamic. 


Based on looks alone, Master & Dynamic has undoubtedly broken the mold of standard headphones. From the butter-like, lambskin ear pads to the sleek and durable stainless steel body, you can really tell that you're wearing a product of quality. And if you're worried about missing parts or tragic damages, don't be. Master & Dynamic quotes, "We design our parts to be easily replaceable, ensuring that our headphones continue to perform with precision for decades to come." Thank goodness for that, because once you have these on you won't want to take them off. Ok, maybe in the shower. 
Design aside, these headphones will provide you with the most clean and crisp sound that your mind has ever been privy to. "It's almost like hearing your favorite song for the first time," says one 3x1 staff member who owns a pair herself. They are specifically design to give you a rich, balanced sound. "Our expansive soundscape captures the detail that well recorded music has to offer. Our tuning was designed to complement a diversity of tastes and musical genres," M&D says. Another feature we love is the exposed mute button. Instead of fumbling for your phone when you want to pause or mute, you can simply press the mute button located conveniently on the side of the headphones.  
The MH40 Headphones in both black and gunmetal are now available for purchase at 15 Mercer. See below for a detailed diagram of why these headphone rule.
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