The Purist

3×1 Gets Technical

Every time a pair of 3x1 jeans are born, before the fabric is even cut, a QR code is created. The QR code is printed onto a piece of fabric and inextricably linked to the jeans. As the denim is cut, sewn, and finished, the QR code can be scanned at any time to check the stage of production. Even better, once the jeans have been completed, the code is sewn into the waistband. 

If you're wearing a pair of 3x1's right now (shame on you if you're not!), check the waistband for the QR code and scan it with your smartphone. You'll find everything you need to know about a 3x1 jean including care instuctions and the concept behind the brand.  Wearing custom or bespoke jeans?  You'll see that the jeans are assigned to you and you only. You can also find information like the type of fabric used as well as the mill it originated from. If anyone ever asks you about your 3x1's, just scan away!