Böle x 3×1

We’re ecstatic to announce that 3x1 is now the sole U.S. retailer to carry Böle, a Swedish tannery that produces exceptional leather goods using artisanal, authentic tanning methods.



The Prince Rucksack


“I was born into a tradition and a way of thinking about sustainability and quality rarely seen nowadays,” writes Anders Sandlund, Proprietor & 4th generation family entrepreneur. “Quality cannot be hurried, a fact that has been drummed into me all my life.” Traditionally speaking, most leather was tanned using tree bark, but over time this method has become relatively extinct. Very few tanneries in the world still practice this traditional method, and one of those tanneries is Böle.



The Pite River

Located in the north of Sweden, Böle tans their leather using spruce bark and open vats filled with water from the Pite river. It could take up to twelve months to tan a single hide, but the result is well worth the wait. “You will never find us resorting to quick solutions,” says Anders. This is a statement that we can relate with. Building the perfect custom or bespoke jean takes weeks to complete, as each jean is cut and sewn by hand using a single needle machine. In the end, we guarantee an impeccable jean made with the best quality denim. The individuals at Böle share in the appreciate for quality, craftsmanship and authenticity, which is why we are honored to be carrying their very special product.


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The Leather Tote

Böle product is available exclusively at our 15 Mercer Street location in SoHo, Manhattan. To receive additional information or place a special order, please call (212) 391-6969.