The Purist

Brothers From Amhot | XX399 & XX400

Sometimes two fabrics appear to be the same, and the only way to tell the difference is in the subtle details. This holds true for our featured "brothers" today. Although they look like twins, each fabic has it's own unique personality. Coming to us from Amhot, one of our favorite Japanese mills, they are both 13oz. grey casts with a khaki weft. XX399 (pictured lower right) has a more irregular weft, which creates a slubby texture and rougher hand. X400 (pictured lower left) has a smoother, more consistent weft yarn making it softer to the touch. But the most obvious way to tell them apart is by the selvedge line. XX399 has a simple, single bleached line, while XX400 has a very bold green and purple line. Because of this, XX400 has become known as "Joker." They are both currently available through our Custom and Bespoke services.

-Ben, 3x1 Bespoke Specialist