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MADE HERE: Carlo Mirarchi

Carlo Mirarchi, head chef and owner of Roberta’s and Blanca, is no stranger to 3x1. Carlo and Scott go way back, so we’ve been admiring his craft for years. We take the artistry of building a perfect jean very seriously, and Carlo takes a similar approach with his cooking. We’re honored to have Carlo as our first feature for our brand new “Made Here” series - a series that will give you a look into the lives of local creatives and entrepreneurs, and explores how the term “Made Here” applies to different facets of their lives.     “I had the pleasure of making Carlo Mirarchi's company almost 11 years ago, back in the day when Carlo was honing his cooking chops at Good World in Chinatown (which we still miss to this day).  It's safe to say that Carlo is a modern day renaissance man. He’s got an incredible appreciation for quality ingredients and organic wines, but we probably bonded over our love of beer and chicken wings. He’s running a couple of successful businesses, but it’s all tempered by his need for speed (racing motorcycles is a passion). That being said, the most remarkable thing about Carlo is his sense of humor and his ability to make those around him feel appreciated and inspired. His story, and the success of Roberta's and his two-Michelin star restaurant Blanca, will someday be the stuff of legend, if it isn't already.   Although it's always fun to reminisce about the past and to say that you knew someone 'way back when', what’s amazing about Carlo is that the man you meet today is every bit the same as a decade ago: funny, down-to-earth, happy, and having fun than anyone could or should in a kitchen. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of dining at one of Carlo's restaurants, please take the trip out to Bushwick— yep, the one next to Williamsburg, and we assure you it's worth it. And if you're not in New York City at the moment but want a taste of Roberta's at home, you can now buy frozen Roberta's from Whole Foods or order online from Fresh Direct. Also be sure to check out the Roberta's Cookbook. You'll thank us later! ”   -Scott Morrison, Founder & CEO of 3x1           Q: Before Roberta’s and Blanca became a reality, what initially drew you to the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn? A: I had lived in the area around 2000 to 2003, at the Dekalb stop. It was cheap, and spaces were huge. It was also relatively empty compared to other areas of Brooklyn, and the L was at least better than the G. We had a 3000 SF loft with a hot tub for 1500k a month.     Q: Beside the obviously delicious food, people tend to compliment the overall vibe of both Roberta’s and Blanca. The music, the decor, etc. Is this a direct reflection of your personal taste? A: I think its important that when you walk into any space, be it a bookstore, a record shop, a bar or advertising office, it should reflect the sensibilities of those who operate it day to day, and i believe that is most successful when you have owner/operators, owners who are there everyday, making decisions in real time, interacting with guest, clients, the staff, everyone and everything. The space can then become a natural extension of their tastes and sensibilities, it feels like you are in a space where someone wants you to feel a certain way, enjoy a certain type of experience. It feels like someone cares about you.         Q: I’m sure you have a bucket list of restaurants. Tell us a few of them. A: Mugaritz, Hajime, Ishikawa, Asador Etxebarri, Gus' Fried Chicken.      Q: At Blanca, the kitchen is exposed to the guests, allowing them to see each step of their meal being prepared - much like the way our factory sits in the middle of the store, allowing shoppers to see their jeans being constructed. How do you think this aspect of transparency adds to the overall experience? A: I feel that the food we do at Blanca is about striving for purity.....purity of flavor, purity of technique, purity of ingredients. Of course this is an ideal that we struggle to achieve every day rather than an actual practice, but i believe part of that process is allowing our guests to see what we do, as we are doing it, and interact with us throughout service.         Q: If it was someone’s first time eating at Roberta’s, what would you tell them to order? A: Bottle of Lou Coulego Chardonnay, and all the house meats.......N'duja, Duck Prosciutto, Coppa, Testa, and some of our bread.   Q: And at Blanca, what dishes can’t you miss? A: Its not a good idea to get up to go to the bathroom during the pasta courses.         Q: What would we find you doing on your days off? A: I try to get to the racetrack whenever I can on my 899 and 675R, bearing that I might be at Peking Duck House or Ten Bells.     Q: How long have you been wearing 3x1 and what’s your jean of choice? A: I’ve been wearing M5’s in raw indigo or the black xx133 denim since 3x1 opened. Honestly though Scott is not only an incredibly creative and talented individual but also an amazing and inspiring human being. We have known each other way before 3x1 and Roberta's, and I am extremely proud of what he does. I wear them every service, and on my days off......     Carlo is wearing a pair of raw M5's that have worn in very nicely. Shop The M5 in xx70 here.     Q: Tell us one (appropriate) thing about Scott that we might not know. A: He sucks at cooking brisket.   Q: What’s in your bag? A: 1. Bike Magazine. 2. Leather jump rope. 3. Creative Labs headphones. 4. Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. 5. Italian passport. 6. Portable battery 7. Eel skin wallet that my dad gave me.         Q: And finally, how is the 'Made Here' concept relevant to your life and business? Whether it’s ingredients, partners, giving back, etc. A: To me Made Here is about doing things for the right reasons, with the right people. Its about treating people fairly and with respect, about loyalty and about lifting others up even though it might push you down. Its about understanding the difference between success and happiness, and being able to achieve both on your own terms.         All photographs taken by Kevin Tachman         Also See:   Blanca's feature in Vogue - "Karlie Kloss In The Kitchen: The Model Takes Us On A New York Restaurant Tour"   ... Read more

Cara Santana in 3×1

We love this photo of actress and blogger Cara Santana in our brand new fit, The W4 Super High-Rise Jean in Carlton. Check out Cara's blog for fashion and beauty inspiration.   SHOP THE W4 SUPER HIGH-RISE JEAN IN CARLTON ... Read more

Brandi Cyrus in 3×1

Our new friend, Brandi Cyrus, wearing The W2 Mid-Rise Skinny Jean in Black Shredder. Brandi is VJ, musician, designer, equestrian, and editor of Style Native.    SHOP THE W2 IN BLACK SHREDDER           ... Read more

NBA All-Star Week: LeBron James

  Team: Cleveland Cavs Position: Small Forward All-Star Team: Eastern Conference As arguably one of the best dressed NBA players, LeBron is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to building custom jeans. He’s usually open to trying new fabrics and features, which makes building his jeans very exciting for us! Take, for example, the Sapphire Coated Jeans that LeBron wore at the Audemars Piguet shoot back in 2013. We can’t wait to watch him play for the Eastern Conference this Sunday!   Fabric: xx133 Mill: Kaihara Stitching: Honey and Red SHOP OUR M3 xx133   ... Read more

NBA All-Star Week: Chris Bosh

Team: Miami Heat Position: Power Forward/Center All-Star Team: Eastern Conference At 6’11”, Chris Bosh is the tallest All-star player in 3x1 jeans. We appreciate the classic approach that Bosh takes when it comes to his denim. It’s not uncommon for him to wear crisp denim on denim outfits, or a denim jacket with a shirt made to match. He also enjoys breaking in a nice raw jean, and we always look forward to seeing how his raw jeans wear.   Fabric: xx2 Mill: Cone Stitching: Red and Black SHOP OUR M3 xx2 ... Read more

NBA All-Star Week: Kevin Durant

KEVIN DURANT Team: Oklahoma City Thunder Position: Power Forward/Small Forward All-Star Team: Western Conference   According to, Kevin Durant “loves to play video games (NBA Live and March Madness) and shop for clothes,” so it’s no surprise that Durant gets the most creative when designing his bespoke pieces. He was the first of our clients to use double-faced camo to make a pair of pants. Durant isn’t afraid to take risks with his choices, and we always love how his pieces turn out. As last year’s MVP, we’re excited to see what he brings to this year’s All-Star game.   Fabric: xx70 / Mill: Kurabo / Thread: Stone Blue and Orange SHOP OUR M3 xx70   ... Read more

Lisa Dengler

Lisa Dengler is the lady behind the beautifully curated blog, Just Another. Her style is fresh and minimal - lots of clean, neutral-colored pieces with the perfect shoe, always. She manages to capture each outfit in a way unique from other blogs, with locations that seem to compliment her outfit exceptionally well. We invited her in to chat and shop:     You’re originally from Canada, so what drew you to NYC?   Definitely the fashion world, more specifically for blogging. NYC is so ahead of the rest of the world in so many things, and I love being at the centre of it all.   Both you and our CEO, Scott, share a love for architecture. What got you interested initially?   When I was a kid, my sister and I used to trespass on this house that was being built, but had stopped construction because of lack of money. So we’d explore the house, imagining which room would be which room, and how we would furnish it. We’d have piles of architecture and interior design magazines that we would use for inspiration. And since then I’ve had an obsession with the experience of a space.           The outfits you put together mimic great architecture - clean lines, thoughtful proportions. In your opinion, what is the correlation between fashion and architecture?   When you look at a building, sometimes things work, and sometimes things don’t, from a visual perspective. I find the same thing goes for fashion. It’s not an equation, but it’s something you play with, test out, and over time you find a visual style that works.       Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite neighborhood in NYC?   Dumbo, because it has beautiful old factories converted to lofts. One day I’ll live in one!       Run through your typical day with us.   Get up at 6am, edit some photos and reply to a few emails. Then I head to the gym (if I don’t feel too stressed for time). I get home and answer more emails and get ready while having a much needed coffee. I wait until the morning rush dies down a little before heading into the city to my office. Then time is split between meetings, fittings, more emails, an outfit shoot with by amazing boyfriend and blogger partner-in-crime Marcel ( Usually there’s a big project I take on to keep myself busy - right now I’m recoding and redesigned my blog completely. I also read a lot and I’m learning 3 languages right now - Danish, Swedish, and brushing up on French. Then it’s back home to do some more work before bed. And maybe squeeze in one short TV episode to wind down.       You’re extremely active on social media. How do you keep up with all the platforms?   It becomes part of your day. You actively create content in your mind all the time. You go to photographic restaurants with nice light. You shamelessly take selfies or #fromwhereistand shots. You stock up on those days that you’re out and about all day, and spread them out over the next few days. It’s a full-time job in itself!         We love the “Shop My Closet” feature on your blog, and we’re wondering what your actual closet looks like. We imagine it to be an immaculate walk-in - are we right?   I wish! One day haha. Right now I’m sharing an apartment with Marcel and another roommate, and we do not have enough space for our clothes. There’s racks in the living rooms, clothes overflowing from every closet and from under the bed. It’s a mess! But next year we’re planning on moving and one bedroom will be concerted into the closet.        If you weren’t running your blog full time, what would you be doing?   I have absolutely no idea. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I guess, being a professional traveller, but that would need to be financed somehow.       The “travel” section on your blog is impressive - France, Thailand, Peru. What city have you enjoyed most, and what cities are on your agenda?   Speaking of travelling! I fall in love with every city I go to. I can’t possibly pick a favourite. For 2015, there’s a long list - South Africa, Japan, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, a road trip through Scandinavia, a road trip through America, Iceland, and about 15 other places! I’m a dreamer when it comes to planning the future.       It’s now denim weather in NYC. What do you look for when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans?   The fit is literally everything. I like the perfect crop to it, so the ankle shows a little bit. I’m also partial to skinny jeans just because they look good with everything. And if they’re comfortable, and sit above your hip, I’m good to go!                 What SS’15 trend are you most looking forward to?   Elongated lengths. Its starting now already, but tops that almost could be dresses, and dresses/skirts that hit below your knee, almost at your ankle. Everything’s getting a little more elegant.       How do you discover new brands?   Recently, a lot on Instagram. If a brand has a beautiful feed, I can’t help but follow and then fall in love with it.         SHOP LISA'S 3x1 PICKS The Retro Straight in Selvedge Brushed xx336    /    The Crop Top in Grey Herringbone (now on sale)   ... Read more

Sabrina Meijer | afterDRK

  Sabrina Meijer is the founder of one of our favorite blogs, afterDRK. The success of the blog has undoubetldy stemmed from her own cool aesthetic and eye for minimal design. The site is simple and crisp, displaying quality photos and thoughtful content.    Sabrina resides in Amsterdam, but is currently visiting NYC to participate in her fifth NY Fashion Week. We invited her in on Wednesday afternoon. She spent her morning at Soho House, then came into 3x1 looking super cute in a pair of culottes. We spent a few minutes chatting in the air conditioning before Sabrina began to look through our collection. Among her top picks were the Retro Straight in Vintage Ripper (pictured above) and the Overall Shorts in Pike (pictured below).     In between outfit changes, I asked Sabrina about her NYC visit thus far. "During this time, it’s a melting pot of creatives and I am pulling so much inspiration out of being here," she said. As for her favorite spots, The Butcher's Daughter for watermelon salad, and The Smile for iced tea meet ups (also a 3x1 favorite). She'll be here for a whole month, and is hoping to complete everything on the New York Bucket List that she posted on afterDRK.    While talking denim, Sabrina revealed that she's very much into raw selvedge lately. "I love how they slowly form to your body. They’re super classy and can be dressed up or down very easily." She mentioned that she tends to lean towards more comfortable fits, so naturally she loved our WM3. The WM3 is inspired by our W3 high-rise jean, with elements of a relaxed men's fit. She decided to add orange buttons and brass rivets to make the dark wash WM3's her own. Simplicity with an edge - exactly what her afterDRK bio reads.     Follow afterDRK TWITTER  |  INSTAGRAM  |  PINTEREST  |  FACEBOOK ... Read more

Jane Herman Bishop & Florence Kane

We recently shot our F/W '14 lookbook here at 15 Mercer. As we work on the final details of the lookbook, we wanted to thank Jane Bishop & Florence Kane of Jean Stories for styling the shoot. When it comes to designing and constructing our denim, we believe each pair is special. Their unique perspective brought an understated elegance to the shoot, and amplified the personality of each jean. We couldn’t be more pleased to share the results. A few selects from the shoot are now featured on our website.         ... Read more

Marcus Paul

I'll never forget the first time I saw Marcus in the shop. Not just because he was tall, cool, handsome, and had great style; no, it was probably more due to the fact that the guy standing next to him happened to be 6'7" and my favorite pitcher for the New York Yankees, CC Sabathia. And that's how it began...   Over the past couple years, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Marcus a bit, and slowly but surely, the more he hangs out at the shop and the more we get a chance to see him and his clients, the more I realize that he's become one of the family. Marcus is here often, and on any given day, usually more than once a week, he'll stop by to order a couple jeans for LeBron James or Tristan Thompson or Wale (to name a few of his famous clients). Every day I see him standing in the back or sitting on one of our chairs working with Josefina, he always makes me smile. A wonderful guy with great style, a big heart (and glasses), and an even bigger smile. Thanks for all the love, Marcus! -Scott Morrison   What's your style philosophy? Not to sound cliche but it's all in the details. It's more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail-then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?   What's your favorite 3x1 jean and why? My favorite 3x1 jean is the M5 because it is a slim fit, with a bit of stretch and tapered. The perfect jean for wearing brogues and pretty much any footwear.   What's your favorite place in the world? I'm not sure if I would limit myself to one specific place. I've traveled the world and every place is a favorite for a different reason but the place that has had the biggest impact in my life is NYC. I was born and raised in NYC and it's energizing spirit and realness is tattooed in my personality.   What's the craziest thing you've ever done? Ha! I plead the 5th...I don't think whatever it is would be appropriate for the internet. Besides, I have a whole life ahead of me so I'm sure the craziest is yet to come.   What are your words to live by? "Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated." Words by J. Yahl. ... Read more

Tony Parker

It was almost 3 years ago to the day, when Tony Parker walked into our shop. He was one of our first bespoke clients, along with his two brothers, and they were on their way to Paris to get ready for the Olympics. Tony instantly became a company favorite, as he was wonderful with the staff and genuinely interested in denim. It's not often that we get starstruck, but I have to admit, I did keep the voicemail message Tony left for me after he received his first batch of 3x1 jeans. One of the most thoughtful things anyone's done, especially when we were just starting out. A true class act. Over the years, Tony's become a loyal client, and we were proud to present him last week with what I hope is his newborn son's first pair of jeans (with custom button JP-1!). Congratulations to Tony, Axelle and baby Josh! It's also worth noting that Tony won his 4th NBA Championship this week with the San Antonio Spurs. What a year. -Scott Morrison ... Read more

Matt Kliegman

Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to a guy who would later partner up with a great friend of mine, Carlos Quirarte, to start the iconic neighborhood restaurant and coffee shop known as The Smile. In that decade, Matt Kliegman has become one of my favorite people, and I’ve watched with great enthusiasm as he and Carlos have expanded their NYC-based empire to include managing The Jane nightclub, The Westway nightclub, and the Smile To Go restaurant with catering services. Anyone who knows them will tell you that they’re two of the nicest guys around, and a bit denim obsessed, which are probably two of the reasons why we’ve become such great friends. Matt has been a loyal fan of the brand since the day we opened and I’m not sure I’ve seen him wear anything but 3x1 these past three years. Thank you Matt! Anyway, Matt’s latest venture, Black Seed, is a hand rolled, wood-fired Montreal bagel shop which has already seen lines out the door almost every morning and is usually sold out by 3pm. I’m here to assure you, it’s well worth the wait. If you’re anything like me, try the everything bagel with fresh scallop cream cheese and onion—it's as good as it gets. Check it out for yourself at 170 Elizabeth Street in Nolita in NYC. -Scott Morrison What's your style philosophy? Keep it simple. A few great pairs of jeans and some comfortable work shirts. What's your favorite 3x1 jean and why? The M4 in xx133, black denim. It was my first pair and I wore them for nearly a year straight. Finally just got myself a new pair. What's your favorite place in the world? Algonquin Park in Ontario with my girlfriend, Sophie. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? Continue to open bars and restaurants. What are your words to live by? "Mistakes are great, so long as you don't keep making the same ones." ... Read more

Marcel Floruss of OneDapperStreet

Marcel Floruss of OneDapperStreet heard about 3x1 through friends in the industry raving about our fit. He was intrigued with the custom and bespoke elements, and reached out to us to visit 15 Mercer to learn more. We're so glad he did, as Marcel has been a huge supporter of the brand and even got his girlfriend Lisa Dengler (the blogger behind Just Another Fashion Blog) hooked as well. Below, we get to know the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Germany style blogger. What's your style philosophy? Don't get too comfy in your comfort zone. Now more than ever is menswear fashion not a set rule of guidelines. I like to be inspired on a daily basis by the pieces I wear, the occasion I dress for, the weather outside, and the dude that walked past me on the street yesterday. Every day is different, so every outfit should be as well, in a range from dapper to street - hence, my blog name. What's your favorite 3x1 jean and why? I love the M3 with a slight taper, and am absolutely in love with the XX109 - the heather grey Selvedge denim. It's a very unique fabric, looks almost like a pair of sweatpants, but at the same time doesn't at all. I wear this pair casually with sneakers or dress it up with blazer, shirt and tie&; great fit, and great versatility. What's your favorite place in the world? See, I think my style philosophy is very much my life philosophy: I don't have a favorite place. Everything is constantly changing and I love change, so I don't think I hold on to anything all that much. Accordingly, I love dozens of places in this world. Heck, just in NYC I'll probably be able to come up with enough, ranging from the hidden idyll of Central Park to the astonishing view of the skyline at sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park. It all depends on the day, the mood and lastly, the weather. If it's raining cats and dogs, my favorite place is and all always be home. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? I'd probably say be in a musical. This might not quite be what you meant, but let me explain. I was a dancer, and just down with a 1.5 year training program, when I got a position in a musical that showed 12x a week, sold out every time with 800+ seats available. I was casted as a dancer, but ended up singing solo, with microphone and all, in the center of the stage. Something I never thought would happen and to me, is nothing but crazy. What are your words to live by? One breath at a time; Reminding me that we only really live in the moment, though we tend to preoccupy ourselves with how what was, influences what will be. I think being present makes us happy. ... Read more

The Confession Album

The 3x1 team recently participated in an interesting project called The Confession Album by Photographer Jean Francois Campos. Mr. Campos takes photos of his subjects that are "simple, stark, and free of the posing and artificiality that are so common in photos on the internet". Each photo is accompanied with a mini Proust questionnaire answered by the subject. In the 1800's it was a common high society practice for dinner hosts to ask their guests to fill out short quesstionnaires and leave them behind as a sort of "Confession Album". Later on, a book called 'Mental Photograhs' was published in the United States with pre-printed questionnaires and a slot to enter a photo of each subject. We love Jean Francois Campos' clever "virtual" version of this concept and were all super excited (and nervous) when he invited the 3x1 team to participate. Check out the 3x1 portraits below and be sure to take a look at the entire Confession Album. Enjoy!     ... Read more

Gilles Bensimon

Each week, we will be a highlighting a friend of 3x1 that inspires us. We recently met with Gilles Bensimon, French fashion photographer and long time friend of 3x1. Gilles joined French Elle in 1967 and later helped launched American Elle. He has been working with 3x1 since inception and we love catching up with him.    If you weren't a photographer, what would you be? - "I would like to be a surgeon because you can see the results of your work right away. You get to play God and decide life. I would also like to be an architect".    On Art -  - "I love art but not the art world. It has become so commercial, like a game. The entire focus is on the investment and not on passion for the art. Jeff Koons is an entrepreneur, not an artist. Art always reflects who we are as a society right now."   On Women - - "Most of my friends are women. Women give me everything I need. One of the reasons why I love Sweden so much is because of their attitudes towards women. They are seen as equal to men. Swedish women are also more creative and open-minded."   You've accumulated several pairs of 3x1 jeans. Which denim do you usually gravitate toward? - "I prefer the heavier Japanese denim from Collect Mills and usually select all copper hardware."   What is your favorite travel destination? - "The next place. I like idea of escaping and am currently traveling about 3 times a week. I also love Venice in the winter."    What is your favorite place in New York City? -"The Police Building Apartments on Broome and Grand." (His current residence)   What is your favorite restaurant in New York? -"I don't like to eat very much but my favorite restaurant is Il Buco."   What is your greatest fear? -"Yesterday."   If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? -"I would never change."     ... Read more

Pedro Andrade’s New Morning Routine

We're super proud of our friend Pedro Andrade for the launch of his new program 'The Morning Show' on ABC's Fusion! The show premiered yesterday with a smart, high-energy vibe, not to mention a healthy dose of Pedro's stunning good looks! The show will feature politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and everything in between in a fun, free-flowing format. Pedro, a Brazilian journalist originally from Rio, has been a long time friend of 3x1 and we could not be more excited about his latest project. We're going to miss seeing Pedro on Mercer Street but we love waking up to his show every weekday morning! Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think!!                 ... Read more

The Line x 3×1

Vanessa Traina and Kate Wendelborn of the recently launched 'The Line' worked with 3x1 to create the perfect selvedge jeans for women. Using XX133 (our favorite black selvedge denim) and XX71 (a slightly lighter indigo denim with some stretch), they worked with Scott to design a jean that sits high on the hip with a straight leg men's fit. Kate and Vanessa wanted to create a classic straight leg jean like the 501 while still maintaining a feminine silhouette.  The Line's vision came from "a desire to pare back, strip down, and pull together - the search for refined, versatile, and honest goods." Their site features a carefully curated selection of products from emerging designers. We absolutely love their concept of focusing on the unique story behind each product's creation.  You can check out our collaboration on The Line or stop by 15 Mercer to see it in person. The Line will also be opening their historic New York City home as an "off-line" experience where people can see their refined curations on display. Get your invite here! ... Read more

The Sound of 3×1

3x1 music master adam webber

Adam Weber, a long time friend of 3x1, is the man behind the incredible music pumping out of 3x1 seven days a week. With an ear to the (under)ground, Adam is known for finding groundbreaking music on the bleeding edge of culture. He gives us a taste of everything from indietronica, synthpop, electro house, experimental breaks, chill wave, and some of the most insane remix of classics on the planet...because we love a killer remix here at 3x1.  How does he curate such an eclectic mix? He’s constantly scouring underground blogs from Berlin, New York, LA, Montreal, UK, Israel, and Australia (just to name a few!).  To date, Adam has created 22 playlists for 3x1, the most recent one aptly titled “3x22”. Each mix is 8 hours long which means he’s put together 168 hours of perfectly curated music. (THANK YOU, ADAM!!!) What are some of Adam’s favorites this week? He’s loving Disclosure, St. Lucia, Virgin Magnetic Material (from Tel Aviv), Goldroom, Oliver, Jaguar Ma, Luxxury, Washed Out, Deer Wanderer, and Christian Tiger School. Adam’s focus in life is to use music and art to elevate consciousness and his genuine love and friendship with Scott makes it fun to keep cranking out 3x1 mixes! We love his energy and spirit and can’t wait for “3x23!” Want to check out his yearly mixtape? Download it here. Enjoy :) ... Read more

King James Goes Bespoke

We're loving LeBron in his Bespoke 3x1 Sapphire Coated Jeans at the Audemars Piguet shoot! Our friends at the Sartorial Collective assembled this polished look with a Tom Ford blazer and Lanvin brooch. With his 6'8 frame, LeBron was the perfect candidate for 3x1's bespoke experience.  Among our Bespoke clients, we're seeing huge popularity with coated denim, which we currently offer in sapphire, forest green, petrol (burgundy), black, claret (navy), and white. These amazing coated fabrics are imported from Isko and make for a sleek, modern update to your jean collection. Email now to make an appointment or learn more at   XX231 ... Read more

Denim 301 with Isko

Team 3x1 watching Moreno from Isko, giving a Denim 301 on the latest in high end wash and finishing techniques.  Grab your notepads!   ... Read more


Attention Vegans! 3x1 just got a little more eco-friendly with the arrival of Freedom of Animals, a sustainable, ethical and faux leather bag line. Yes, we know eco-friendly accessories can be notorious for resembling burlap sacks. However, Freedom of Animals is a breath of fresh air with their clean silouttes and vibrant palette. These amazing bags are made with recycled plastic and organic cotton that are woven together and dyed with vegetable based dyes. Another plus - just like 3x1, everything is made right here in NYC.  Founders Morgan Bogle and Scott Mac Donough have been a part of the 3x1 family since inception. Scott is resonsible for our beautiful 3x1 imagery and Morgan is the fabulous stylist behind all of our shoots. Morgan wears our W3 fit and Scott loves our M3 fit. This amazing duo was inspired to create an environentally friendly brand while travelling together and volunteering. We could not be more excited to be carrying their stylish and sustainable line right here at 15 Mercer.      ... Read more

Big Congrats to Brian Vickers!

Huge congrats to Brian Vickers, a great friend of 3x1, and the surprise winner at the NASCAR Sprint Cup on Sunday! Not only was this an amazing win but also a huge milestone for Brian. About three years ago, he was diagnosed with life-threatening blood clots in his legs and lungs and could no longer race. After overcoming the impossible, Brian returned to racing and crossed Sprint cup finish line with a win. We're so proud of you, Brian!   ... Read more