The Purist

Denim 101: XX

At 3x1, all 310 of our fabrics are assigned an XX number (XX1 - XX310).  For example, XX143 is a fabric from Kurabo, Japan with khaki weft.  Today, XX stands for raw, unwashed denim. It has a rough, stiff feel compared to denim that has been washed or distressed. 

3x1 and Denim Heads around the world love raw denim because as it's worn, the indigo dye begins to chip off, leaving behind creases and fademarks unique to the body. The end result is a jean that is not only perfectly molded to your body but also gives little clues about your lifestyle. For example, a well-worn jean might have marks from carrying your iPhone in your back pocket or fading on the seat from your new CitiBike membership. Want to start breaking in your own pair? Try out our M3 in XX60