Friends of 3x1


Attention Vegans! 3x1 just got a little more eco-friendly with the arrival of Freedom of Animals, a sustainable, ethical and faux leather bag line. Yes, we know eco-friendly accessories can be notorious for resembling burlap sacks. However, Freedom of Animals is a breath of fresh air with their clean silouttes and vibrant palette. These amazing bags are made with recycled plastic and organic cotton that are woven together and dyed with vegetable based dyes. Another plus - just like 3x1, everything is made right here in NYC. 

Founders Morgan Bogle and Scott Mac Donough have been a part of the 3x1 family since inception. Scott is resonsible for our beautiful 3x1 imagery and Morgan is the fabulous stylist behind all of our shoots. Morgan wears our W3 fit and Scott loves our M3 fit. This amazing duo was inspired to create an environentally friendly brand while travelling together and volunteering. We could not be more excited to be carrying their stylish and sustainable line right here at 15 Mercer.