The Purist

Scott’s Favorite: XX60

It's pretty difficult for any of us at 3x1 to choose a favorite denim. I assumed that choice would be even more difficult for our founder, Scott, whose entire career has centered around denim. During one of my first meetings with him, I was surprised to learn that he does have a favorite out of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of headers and rolls that have come across his desk.


XX60 from Kurabo. It is a 13oz khaki weft with a green caste and just the right amount of starch to give it a crisp initial feel. It has been used in every aspect of the business from RTW and washes to Custom and Bespoke. I think it's safe to say that we will always have it available in the store. If you come in during the week, you'll probably catch Scott walking around in a 2 year old pair that have aged beautifully.

-Ben, 3x1 Bespoke Specialist

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