Future Islands

Future Islands.  A band to know?  Yes.  Possessed lead singer?  Maybe.  Post-Wave powerhouse in the making?  Absolutely.


As any 40 year old music fan will tell you, especially one with a partially torn right eardrum, hey, I've seen a few live acts in my day.  With a spectator's arc starting in the 9th grade, sneaking away from home to drive to LA to see Jane's Addiction or The Cure, then taking me to Seattle for seven years during the Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam era, with a couple dozen Morrissey shows thrown in for good measure, and more recently a lot of 'quality time' spent with LCD Soundsystem and a half dozen of their performances.  Yeah, sure, there was a 10 year love affair with house dj's and minimal techno (thank you Troy Pierce), as well as 17 years of living in NYC and spending more than a few unhealthy evenings at the Bowery, Webster Hall, and Terminal 5 in recent years ... So, it stands to reason that you think you've seen it all, or at least a variation of it.  Right?


And then a guy named Sam Herring walks through the door, with his little band, Future Islands.  I first heard them at my friend Michael's coffee shop on Orchard a year or so ago, but had never seen them play until last night.  I can only promise you this ... short of a Casey Spooner performance, there's really nothing that properly describes the commanding, bouncy, at times demonic  performance of Herring, and although it's completely different musically, it's enticing theater nonetheless. I promise you I'll never miss another show.  That being said, I hope you don't either.  They were truly incredible, and Herring is nothing short of brilliant, both as a performer and a singer.


Read more reviews of their live performances here.  See you April 30th at Webster Hall!  (Photos courtesy of Charles Steinberg |