Scott's POV

Henry Cuir | Scott’s Wallet of Choice

It was my second trip to Japan in the summer of 2002, and I was working my way through the streets of Tokyo, only to find this incredible leather goods shop in Ayoma called 'Henry Cuir'.  I bought a wallet and a weekend bag, and for many years thereafter I would return to buy a new wallet, or key chain. I even once purchased a small child's belt that I asked them to turn into a collar for my dog, Kurabo.  Six months ago, I was reconnected with Henry Cuir, and sat down for an afternoon to buy 24 pieces of special edition luggage and accessories. Each piece is made to order by hand, in Italy by Henri and his team of craftsmen.  Their leather is simply amazing and it ages beautifully.  For the handmade pieces we carry here at 3x1, we chose to use denim thread colors: gold, dark red, orange, and indigo wherever possible.  We also selected indigo colored linen linings for the bags, and if you're at all like me, you'll find the leather bowls simply incredible ... and I couldn't resist another wallet.