Scott's POV

Summer Inspiration

It's Summer and all I can think about is indigo. Variation, shade, color, and caste—it's all around me! We're in the process of putting our finishing touches on Women's S/S '15, so here are a few of my inspirations for this month. -Scott




Fuller Leg Jeans

I'm feeling fuller leg jeans for guys. You heard it here first.


Indigo Dyed Ropes

Courtesy of Rowland and Chinami Ricketts.


Boro Textiles

Boro textiles are usually hand sewn from nineteenth and early twentieth century indigo dyed rags, patches, and textiles. I've been collecting boro blankets for the past 15 years, and I absolutely love their handmade one-of-a-kind beauty. The Boro pant above, by Kapital, is one of the first I've seen from a brand. At 3x1, we made a pair of mini-jeans out of some boro cloth I found during my last trip to Japan. It was presented to one of our favorite customers as a 'thank you.'




Vat of Indigo

This is vat of indigo photo is from Rowland and Chinami Ricketts, whom hand weave and dye some of the most beautiful textiles in the world.


Kate Moss

Ms. Moss in a pair of Superfine's. I'm not sure how old this photo is, but my first brand Paper Denim & Cloth was first to exclusively use the 2-piece contour waistband, and I'm still a believer fifteen years later. This is a great example of how a jean should fit. No gapping, on her hips, made to flatter. We use a contour waistband on all our 3x1 women's jeans...what a difference it makes. See for yourself.