Friends of 3x1

Lisa Dengler

Lisa Dengler is the lady behind the beautifully curated blog, Just Another. Her style is fresh and minimal - lots of clean, neutral-colored pieces with the perfect shoe, always. She
manages to capture each outfit in a way unique from other blogs, with locations that seem to compliment her outfit exceptionally well. We invited her in to chat and shop:

You’re originally from Canada, so what drew you to NYC?

Definitely the fashion world, more specifically for blogging. NYC is so ahead of the rest of the world in so many things, and I love being at the centre of it all.


Both you and our CEO, Scott, share a love for architecture. What got you interested initially?


When I was a kid, my sister and I used to trespass on this house that was being built, but had stopped construction because of lack of money. So we’d explore the house, imagining which room would be which room, and how we would furnish it. We’d have piles of architecture and interior design magazines that we would use for inspiration. And since then I’ve had an obsession with the experience of a space.



The outfits you put together mimic great architecture - clean lines, thoughtful proportions. In your opinion, what is the correlation between fashion and architecture?
When you look at a building, sometimes things work, and sometimes things don’t, from a visual perspective. I find the same thing goes for fashion. It’s not an equation, but it’s something you play with, test out, and over time you find a visual style that works.
Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite neighborhood in NYC?
Dumbo, because it has beautiful old factories converted to lofts. One day I’ll live in one!
Run through your typical day with us.
Get up at 6am, edit some photos and reply to a few emails. Then I head to the gym (if I don’t feel too stressed for time). I get home and answer more emails and get ready while having a much needed coffee. I wait until the morning rush dies down a little before heading into the city to my office. Then time is split between meetings, fittings, more emails, an outfit shoot with by amazing boyfriend and blogger partner-in-crime Marcel ( Usually there’s a big project I take on to keep myself busy - right now I’m recoding and redesigned my blog completely. I also read a lot and I’m learning 3 languages right now - Danish, Swedish, and brushing up on French. Then it’s back home to do some more work before bed. And maybe squeeze in one short TV episode to wind down.
You’re extremely active on social media. How do you keep up with all the platforms?
It becomes part of your day. You actively create content in your mind all the time. You go to photographic restaurants with nice light. You shamelessly take selfies or #fromwhereistand shots. You stock up on those days that you’re out and about all day, and spread them out over the next few days. It’s a full-time job in itself!
We love the “Shop My Closet” feature on your blog, and we’re wondering what your actual closet looks like. We imagine it to be an immaculate walk-in - are we right?
I wish! One day haha. Right now I’m sharing an apartment with Marcel and another roommate, and we do not have enough space for our clothes. There’s racks in the living rooms, clothes overflowing from every closet and from under the bed. It’s a mess! But next year we’re planning on moving and one bedroom will be concerted into the closet. 
If you weren’t running your blog full time, what would you be doing?
I have absolutely no idea. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I guess, being a professional traveller, but that would need to be financed somehow.
The “travel” section on your blog is impressive - France, Thailand, Peru. What city have you enjoyed most, and what cities are on your agenda?
Speaking of travelling! I fall in love with every city I go to. I can’t possibly pick a favourite. For 2015, there’s a long list - South Africa, Japan, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, a road trip through Scandinavia, a road trip through America, Iceland, and about 15 other places! I’m a dreamer when it comes to planning the future.
It’s now denim weather in NYC. What do you look for when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans?
The fit is literally everything. I like the perfect crop to it, so the ankle shows a little bit. I’m also partial to skinny jeans just because they look good with everything. And if they’re comfortable, and sit above your hip, I’m good to go!
What SS’15 trend are you most looking forward to?
Elongated lengths. Its starting now already, but tops that almost could be dresses, and dresses/skirts that hit below your knee, almost at your ankle. Everything’s getting a little more elegant.
How do you discover new brands?
Recently, a lot on Instagram. If a brand has a beautiful feed, I can’t help but follow and then fall in love with it.