Friends of 3x1

Marcel Floruss of OneDapperStreet

Marcel Floruss of OneDapperStreet heard about 3x1 through friends in the industry raving about our fit. He was intrigued with the custom and bespoke elements, and reached out to us to visit 15 Mercer to learn more. We're so glad he did, as Marcel has been a huge supporter of the brand and even got his girlfriend Lisa Dengler (the blogger behind Just Another Fashion Blog) hooked as well. Below, we get to know the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Germany style blogger.

What's your style philosophy?

Don't get too comfy in your comfort zone. Now more than ever is menswear fashion not a set rule of guidelines. I like to be inspired on a daily basis by the pieces I wear, the occasion I dress for, the weather outside, and the dude that walked past me on the street yesterday. Every day is different, so every outfit should be as well, in a range from dapper to street - hence, my blog name.

What's your favorite 3x1 jean and why?

I love the M3 with a slight taper, and am absolutely in love with the XX109 - the heather grey Selvedge denim. It's a very unique fabric, looks almost like a pair of sweatpants, but at the same time doesn't at all. I wear this pair casually with sneakers or dress it up with blazer, shirt and tie&; great fit, and great versatility.

What's your favorite place in the world?

See, I think my style philosophy is very much my life philosophy: I don't have a favorite place. Everything is constantly changing and I love change, so I don't think I hold on to anything all that much. Accordingly, I love dozens of places in this world. Heck, just in NYC I'll probably be able to come up with enough, ranging from the hidden idyll of Central Park to the astonishing view of the skyline at sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park. It all depends on the day, the mood and lastly, the weather. If it's raining cats and dogs, my favorite place is and all always be home.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

I'd probably say be in a musical. This might not quite be what you meant, but let me explain. I was a dancer, and just down with a 1.5 year training program, when I got a position in a musical that showed 12x a week, sold out every time with 800+ seats available. I was casted as a dancer, but ended up singing solo, with microphone and all, in the center of the stage. Something I never thought would happen and to me, is nothing but crazy.

What are your words to live by?

One breath at a time; Reminding me that we only really live in the moment, though we tend to preoccupy ourselves with how what was, influences what will be. I think being present makes us happy.