Scott's POV

May Inspiration

The whole 3x1 team is constantly archiving eye-catching inspiration found online, during our travels, and from customers. So much of what we see and encounter directly impacts our design process and final touches on the collections. At the beginning of each month right here on the blog, I'll be showcasing some of my favorite found images and objects. I hope my picks inspire you as we cruise into spring!


Selvedge Denim Shuttle Loom in Japan

This is how the good stuff gets made. A great picture of a shuttle loom in operation. Always fun to see, and a great reminder that we've sold more than 400 different denims sinc we started just three short years ago.


Pierre Soulages Painting

The only thing I see here is pure indigo. Blue is my favorite color and the shades and depths of this piece remind me why I love denim so much.


Lightning Arrow

Strength, decay, and perfectly symbolizes our S/S15 Collection and I've had a photo of this with me when I was spending my time out in LA at our laundry.


Porsche P/904 Carrera

This car is a modern day reference to the past. Carrying forward the 1960's lineage, its incredible lines and the most amazing color of blue I've ever seen on a car. There's so much beauty in the past if you're willing to look.


Vintage Jeans

This photo is a reminder of how amazing women look in well worn, broken-in, 100% cotton jeans.


Ellsworth Kelly Painting

This is one of my all-time favorites. For some reason, it always reminds me to 'look in,' as if it's a window into something. Anyway, I love it.