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Sabrina Meijer is the founder of one of our favorite blogs, afterDRK. The success of the blog has undoubetldy stemmed from her own cool aesthetic and eye for minimal design. The site is simple and crisp, displaying quality photos and thoughtful content. 


Sabrina resides in Amsterdam, but is currently visiting NYC to participate in her fifth NY Fashion Week. We invited her in on Wednesday afternoon. She spent her morning at Soho House, then came into 3x1 looking super cute in a pair of culottes. We spent a few minutes chatting in the air conditioning before Sabrina began to look through our collection. Among her top picks were the Retro Straight in Vintage Ripper (pictured above) and the Overall Shorts in Pike (pictured below).


IMG_7991 copy


In between outfit changes, I asked Sabrina about her NYC visit thus far. "During this time, it’s a melting pot of creatives and I am pulling so much inspiration out of being here," she said. As for her favorite spots, The Butcher's Daughter for watermelon salad, and The Smile for iced tea meet ups (also a 3x1 favorite). She'll be here for a whole month, and is hoping to complete everything on the New York Bucket List that she posted on afterDRK. 


While talking denim, Sabrina revealed that she's very much into raw selvedge lately. "I love how they slowly form to your body. They’re super classy and can be dressed up or down very easily." She mentioned that she tends to lean towards more comfortable fits, so naturally she loved our WM3. The WM3 is inspired by our W3 high-rise jean, with elements of a relaxed men's fit. She decided to add orange buttons and brass rivets to make the dark wash WM3's her own. Simplicity with an edge - exactly what her afterDRK bio reads.


IMG_7977 copy copy


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