The Purist

Spotlight on Kurabo

Kurabo Mills is where it all began. Think Denim Mecca. Founded over a century ago, its the official birthplace of Japanese denim. While Kurabo is known for being one of the oldest manufacturer of Japanese textiles, their innovation today still plays a huge role in advancing the modern world of denim.  Their spinning, dyeing and processing technologies have been integral to modern denim development. They were also one of the first mills to specialize in natural indigo denim.

Want to get your hands on some Kurabo selvedge? We currently carry over 40 different fabrics from Kurabo alone. Fabric xx223 below is one of our favorites because its made with 22% linen for a truly unique texture. Not ready to take the Bespoke plunge? Ease into it with our ready to wear M4 fit in Kurabo's xx70 denim. Warning: you might get hooked!

xx223 from Kurabo