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The Sound of 3×1

Adam Weber, a long time friend of 3x1, is the man behind the incredible music pumping out of 3x1 seven days a week. With an ear to the (under)ground, Adam is known for finding groundbreaking music on the bleeding edge of culture. He gives us a taste of everything from indietronica, synthpop, electro house, experimental breaks, chill wave, and some of the most insane remix of classics on the planet...because we love a killer remix here at 3x1.  How does he curate such an eclectic mix? He’s constantly scouring underground blogs from Berlin, New York, LA, Montreal, UK, Israel, and Australia (just to name a few!). 

To date, Adam has created 22 playlists for 3x1, the most recent one aptly titled “3x22”. Each mix is 8 hours long which means he’s put together 168 hours of perfectly curated music. (THANK YOU, ADAM!!!)

What are some of Adam’s favorites this week? He’s loving Disclosure, St. Lucia, Virgin Magnetic Material (from Tel Aviv), Goldroom, Oliver, Jaguar Ma, Luxxury, Washed Out, Deer Wanderer, and Christian Tiger School.

Adam’s focus in life is to use music and art to elevate consciousness and his genuine love and friendship with Scott makes it fun to keep cranking out 3x1 mixes! We love his energy and spirit and can’t wait for “3x23!”

Want to check out his yearly mixtape? Download it here. Enjoy :)