Friends of 3x1

Tony Parker

It was almost 3 years ago to the day, when Tony Parker walked into our shop. He was one of our first bespoke clients, along with his two brothers, and they were on their way to Paris to get ready for the Olympics. Tony instantly became a company favorite, as he was wonderful with the staff and genuinely interested in denim. It's not often that we get starstruck, but I have to admit, I did keep the voicemail message Tony left for me after he received his first batch of 3x1 jeans. One of the most thoughtful things anyone's done, especially when we were just starting out. A true class act. Over the years, Tony's become a loyal client, and we were proud to present him last week with what I hope is his newborn son's first pair of jeans (with custom button JP-1!). Congratulations to Tony, Axelle and baby Josh! It's also worth noting that Tony won his 4th NBA Championship this week with the San Antonio Spurs. What a year. -Scott Morrison