The Purist

White Oak

Cone Mills’ White Oak Plant, America's oldest working denim mill, has been around for so long that it has even outlived the tree it was named after. Based in Greensboro, NC, Cone Mills has been continuously producing denim since 1905 and still uses the same American Draper X3 fly shuttle looms from the 1940's. The machines sit on the original, turn of the century wood floors which create a "rhythm and motion" completely unique to their fabric. Many of the denim experts have been operating the same looms for over 50 years!


The White Oak Weave Room is 904 feet long by 180 feet wide, (about four acres in size), and is the largest single weave room in the world. Overhead is the roof, which forms one vast skylight, built with saw-tooth construction. The vertical sides of the teeth all face due North and are formed of ribbed glass, which affords the most perfect light to every section of the room. In the early 1900's this room contained 2,000 shuttle looms.Today there are only 31 shuttle looms in production, and Cone Mills White Oak Plant is still considered to be one of the largest selvedge denim weavers in the world.


We're obviously HUGE fans of Cone Mills here at 3x1. We love the idea of jeans made in New York City using denim made in North Carolina. Come by 15 Mercer at any time to check out our large selection of Cone Mills denim or grill our Denim Specialists on Cone Mills trivia :)