The Purist


We were all very excited when this denim arrived at 15 Mercer. It's the first time in 3x1's history that we've carried a Zimbabwe cotton selvedge denim. Zimbabwe cotton is regarded as the best cotton to weave into denim. The cotton is harvested in a near-perfect climate, allowing it to produce some of the longest and strongest staples. For those of you who are unaware, the term "staple" is used to indicate the length of fiber that requires spinning and twisting in the manufacturing of yarn. So, a longer and stronger staple will produce a better quality denim. This beautiful, 15oz. red caste denim has a softer hand than you would expect, given it's heavier weight. It has an irregular weft, which gives it a slubby texture. This slubby texture is commonly found in denim produced on vintage shuttle looms, a denim-making process that is virtually nonexistent these days. Typically, loose fibers protruding on the surface of a denim are "singed" to remove them. xx485 is not singed, resulting in a slightly hairy surface that allow the denim to fade in a very unique way. xx485 is available now at our Custom and Bespoke levels. Click to book an appointment with one of our Bespoke Specialists.